Virtual Tours for Schools

Let students & parents look inside and all around your School with a 360 degree interactive virtual tour.

You will build trust with new and existing student with a high-quality 360 degree interactive virtual tour of the inside of your school and school grounds.

What are the benefits?

For students: Students will love being able to see a fully interactive virtual tour of your school and for new students it will help them find their way around the school and explore the Schools premises at any time.

For parents: Parents who are looking for Schools in their local area will not only be able to see photos of your School but be able to look inside and all around your School, this is especially good for families who are relocating to a new area.

  • Attract new students from google and google maps street view
  • Students will be able to look inside and all around your School
  • Aerial 360 degree photos and aerial photos are included
  • The virtual tour can be shown on your website
  • Your school can also viewed in Virtual Reality
  • Showcase your school 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Available on all Devices
  • Fully Interactive and Entertaining
  • Increases website SEO & Ranking
  • The 360 degree photos are also supported by google

Examples of our work

Pickering Community Junior School

St Joseph’s R C Primary School

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